Requirements For Daycare

All dogs attending daycare must be current on their  vaccinations,  to qualify and attend daycare. No Exceptions....

Puppy's are welcome after they have completed  all their shots including Rabies.

Shots required:

Rabies ( required  by law)

Please  bring a  copy of  the current  shot recorded  on your first visit.

 Daycare for the Fur Kids

As long as your  Fur kids play well with others they will be allowed to play all day.  The only time they are put up is  for a timeout if they misbehave (10-15 minutes). 
 Everyone goes outside to the play yard to potty and play several times a day. 

We have 2  yards to accommodate your dogs . One side is  for the small dogs and the other side is for  large  dogs. 

Older or special needs  dogs are also welcome.  They will get to stay in the front office,   So we can keep a close eye on them.

If your dog  requires lunch, please bring it in a  small bag labeled with their name and any specialinstructions.

The kids run free playing in the front office, running the halls and outside in our 2 backyards.  We also have quite areas for the geriatrics. Itty bitty will stay in the front area and have their own private yard separate from the big wild children.  Everyone must go outside at least 4 to 5 times a day, length of time depends on the weather.

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